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Whitehall Photos

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Below are various photos taken in Whitehall, NY. This page may take a bit longer to download depending on your connection speed. However, the text on the page should download quickly and each picture placeholder will show descriptive text until the picture downloads. Each photo may be clicked to view a larger version in a separate browser window, enabling users with slower connections to continue exploring this site while the larger photos download separately.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are copyright 2005 by Bloated Toe Enterprises. They may be downloaded for personal use, but may not be used for any commercial purpose.

National Guard Armory, Whitehall, NY (Front View)
National Guard Armory

The National Guard Armory in Whitehall, NY, is located at the corner of Poultney and South Williams Streets. It was built in 1899-1900 by New York State as an armory and drill hall.

National Guard Armory, Whitehall, NY (Side View)
British 6 Pounders (c. 1750)

British six-pound cannon were once displayed in front of Armory in Whitehall, NY. These are artifacts of the American Lake Champlain Fleet of 1776-1777 and were salvaged from Whitehall Harbor near Champlain Canal Lock 12 on 1910.

Nearby, the New York State historical sign describes the British cannon in front of armory. The sign reads "Early British cannon placed on board vessels of B. Arnold's Lake Champlain fleet, both were blown up in Whitehall Harbor by their crews July 6, 1777, to avoid capture by the British."

British Cannon in Front of Armory, Whitehall, NY
Early British Cannon Historical Sign
Champlain Canal Lock 12, Whitehall, NY
Lock 12, Champlain Canal

This is Lock 12 of the Champlain Canal. The Bridge Theater (no longer exists) is near the center of the picture, and Lake Champlain is seen beyond the lock to the north.

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