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The Skenesborough Museum

Skenesborough Museum
Map of New York State Heritage Areas
NYS Heritage Areas Map

The Skenesborough Museum is located on Skenesborough Drive off US Route 4 (Poultney St.) in Whitehall, NY (see map).

The building that houses the museum was built in 1917 and was originally a canal terminal building. The State of New York deeded the building to Whitehall in 1960 with a 99-year lease for the establishment of a museum. The Village of Whitehall was given "Urban Cultural Park" (now called Heritage Area) by the state in 1980.

1776 Skenesborough Shipyard Diorama
1776 Skenesborough Shipyard Diorama

The museum has two floors and contains many exhibits for visitors to view and enjoy (view a PDF map of the museum). These include a diorama of the 1776 Skenesborough shipyard (pictured at right). This is accompanied by a light and sound show describing the settlement of Skenesborough and the events leading to the building of thirteen ships in Skenesborough Harbor during the summer of 1776. These ships were part of Benedict Arnold's fleet at the Battle of Valcour Island the following October.

Other items in the museum include artifacts from the Revolutionary and French and Indian wars; railroad and canal memorabilia; and items from the Navy collection of William Franke, Secretary of the Navy under President Dwight Eisenhower. The museum even has a baseball signed by Babe Ruth!

Skenesborough House Keystone
Skenesborough House Keystone

The museum also houses the keystone (pictured at left) from founder Philip Skene's home built on the east side of Skenesborough Harbor in 1770. The initials "PKS" refer to Philip and his wife, Katherine. The stone hung over the entrance to the Skene home, which was seized by Americans on May 9, 1775, along with Philip Skene's other holdings in America. The house was burned in 1780, and the keystone was later built into the basement of an Episcopal church once located on the present Broadway. The church was later sold and burned, and a Masonic Temple built on the site. The keystone was held at the Masonic Temple for many years before being placed in the Skenesborough Museum.

Outside the museum are many other interesting sights, including a real D&H caboose and the hull of the USS Ticonderoga, which was part of Commodore Thomas Macdonough's fleet at the Battle of Plattsburgh in 1814. There is also a covered picnic area and park for visitors to enjoy.

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